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Commercial Doors and Windows Expert 

The Elevate™ Aluminium Systems range of products at Regency Windows is an innovative selection of cutting-edge commercial glazing systems that raise the bar and inspire great outcomes. These commercial window and door systems can be used in conjunction with Commercial Framing and Architectural Series systems to achieve your ideal glazing solution and a standout finish for your property to be enjoyed inside and out. 

Elevate™ Aluminium Windows and Doors 

The Regency Windows Commercial Series offers a selection of locally designed and tested, dedicated commercial systems. These systems were developed for use in commercial, institutional and light industrial applications and offer economical, high performance glazing solutions. Designed to integrate seamlessly with Elevate™ Aluminium framing suites, the range includes sliding, awning, and double-hung windows along with sliding and hinged doors. 

Thermal Aluminium Framing

Our recently released ThermalHEART™ commercial framing system is an innovative approach to an age-old issue. Designed and tested for Australian conditions, ThermalHEART™ systems also offer enormous design flexibility, making them ideal for any climate or environment. In cold climates, ThermalHEART™ window systems can drastically reduce the outside cold from entering the building. In a warm climate, ThermalHEART™ systems act as a buffer against the hot air outside, minimising the transfer of heat into a building.

Why Choose Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium framed windows are high strength and far less prone to warping. The aluminium withstands weather well, needs no painting and forms strong, rigid window frames that will fit for far longer than wood frames. The additional strength also allows for larger window arrangements. Aluminium framed windows provide more colour choice, as they can be powder-coated or anodised in thousands of colours — the only limitation is your imagination! 

In-house Window Supply and Install

Like our manufacturing, all our Regency Windows deliveries are handled in house by our own fleet of vehicles and all our installations are undertaken by our own fully qualified carpenters. We endeavour to have your installation completed within a minimal time frame and will leave your site clean and tidy afterwards. Contact us on (03) 9464 0533, or come and visit us today to try our windows and doors and see our extensive range!

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