Colour & Finish

A range of anodised and powdercoat finishes are available for our range of aluminium framed window and door products, and for all of our glazing systems.

Anodising produces an impressive finish with a lustrous, high-quality look and feel, which is also abrasion and corrosion-resistant, long-lasting and suitable for use in severe, even marine environments. The anodising process applied during fabrication forms an almost impenetrable oxide film, fused to the aluminium frame, and is NOT merely a coating.

Our standard finish is 20 microns, suitable for nearly every common application; from general residential use, up to moderate marine and even industrial applications.

Anodised finishes are available in Clear Anodised, Light Bronze, Medium Bronze, Dark Bronze and Black. Colour anodising is derived from a metal oxide film, and as such the range of colours available is more limited. Slight variations in colour and shade can naturally occur – it is important to know that this is the nature of the anodising process, in and of itself.

Powdercoat finishes are an applied coating or finish and offer you a much larger choice of solid and pearlescent colours. Tis finish offers a good level of durability, and a long service life. Below is a link to our recommended colour range. A much broader range of colours is also available on request – ask our sales team for more information.

Black hardware is standard on all our aluminium framed products, however, as a standard service offered to all clients, we can also match hardware with stock colours; including Pearl White, Primrose, Woodland Grey & Paperbark. Please check “hardware colour” on our quotation, or ask us for more information.

A limited range of powdercoated, colour-matched hardware is available to match the chosen frame colour of your aluminium windows and doors. Colour-matched hardware is only available upon special request, with a turnaround of up to 4 weeks based on availability, and usually incurs an additional cost.

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