Apartment Sliding Aluminium Door

Commercial Series | Series 471

High performance architectural sliding door system designed for high rise apartments.

Features & Benefits

  • The 101.60mm frame is compatible with CentreGLAZE™ and FrontGLAZE™ framing and can be coupled together in runs of framing and doors.
  • The sliding door is ideal for projects that require very high water resistance when the door panels are not excessively big.
  • As the moving sash is on the outside, we achieve very high water resistance – 600Pa. Also complies with the air conditioning requirements of the Australian Standard.
  • There are a large variety of sliding door combinations possible (XF, FX, FXF, XFF, FFX and FXXF).
  • We can fit sliding fly doors on the inside.
  • Sliding doors can be fitted with surface or mortice deadlocks.
  • Sashes run on custom lowline heavy duty double bogey wheel carriages.
  • Tall bottom rail designed for added strength and makes the doors proportionally correct.
  • Unwanted head recess is fitted with snap-in flat closer to ensure that the clean looks are maintained.
  • Matching Series 461 sliding window available.
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Product specifications

  • Maximum Panel Height* :2630mm
  • Maximum Panel Width* :1470mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness :≤ 20mm
  • SHGC Range :0.29 - 0.55

Testing & Certification

  • Acoustics Tested & Certified
  • AS2047 Performance Tested
  • BAL40 Bushfire Tested & Certified

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