Hinged Entry Aluminium Door

Residential Series | Series 549

Designed as a replacement for the traditional 135mm x 38mm timber entry door framing. Frames can be delivered to site pre-painted and with door panels and hardware fitted.

Features & Benefits

  • Self draining sill option on internal opening doors. Alternatively for those exposed locations we recommend the external swing splayed sill. Both internal and external swing doors fitted with sill section have been tested to Australian Standard AS2047 and will resist 200Pa water.
  • The aluminium entry door features extra wide top and bottom rails that give the door the chunky appearance of traditional timber designs.
  • Rebated door stiles give a flush appearance when the two doors meet and provide superior weather protection. Unsightly applied rebates are eliminated.
  • Throwing the lock tongue into timber framing has always been a security weakness. Series 549 aluminium frame will significantly improve this locking point.
  • Doors can be supplied with a lever lock installed in the door stile or with a tulip knob lock placed in a door chair rail.
  • Three proprietary lever lock set options including 316 stainless steel finish for costal applications.
  • Doors can be fitted with custom parliament hinges for those applications where doors have to lay open at 180º against the wall.
  • Rebated frame will accept 19mm screen doors.
  • Door panels can be fitted with ClearVENT™ sashless Double-Hung panels.
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Product specifications

  • Maximum Panel Height* :2350mm
  • Maximum Panel Width* :900mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness :≤ 20mm
  • SHGC Range :0.23 - 0.56

Testing & Certification

  • Acoustics Tested & Certified
  • AS2047 Performance Tested
  • BAL40 Bushfire Tested & Certified

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