SlideMASTER™ Sliding Window

Architectural Series | Series 701

Architectural Sliding window with external sliding sash.

Features & Benefits

  • Clean lines for improved visual appearance.
  • There is a large variety of window combinations possible (SF, FS, SFS, FSF or FSSF).
  • The window is compatible with the high performance Series 406 FrontGLAZE™ and Series 407 FaceLINE™ framing.
  • The head and jamb sections have an additional weather leg to ensure that junctions between sliders and fixed sidelights/highlights maintain the high water resistance.
  • Sliders fitted with mortice lock.
  • Sashes run on heavy duty double bogey wheel carriages.
  • Threshold and snap-in flat filler ensure that the clean looks are maintained.
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Product specifications

  • Maximum Panel Height* :1600mm
  • Maximum Panel Width* :1500mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness :≤ 24mm
  • SHGC Range :N/A

Testing & Certification

  • AS2047 Performance Tested
  • SAfe4Kids testing certified

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