SoundOUT™ Secondary Glazed Sliding Aluminium Door

Specialty Series | Series 533

The Series 533 SoundOUT™ Sliding door has been specially designed to reduce noise infiltration through door openings. The SoundOUT™ sliding door sash system is designed to be installed behind existing or new doors usually on the reveals within the wall dimension.

Features & Benefits

  • Sliding door sashes are double sealed at all joints for maximum soundproofing.
  • All sliding door sashes on the SoundOUT™ system can be opened to allow cleaning of the inner face of the outer door.
  • Sliding door sashes run on large diameter heavy duty wheels, nylon tyred ball bearing wheels used on the heavier sashes. These wheels are height adjustable to allow sashes to be squared up in the frame.
  • Sliding door sashes will accept glass up to 10.38mm thick with full wrap around PVC glazing channel or if preferred SoundOUT™ sashes can be double glazed as detailed later.
  • Installing the Series 533 sliding door system will create a thermally broken double glazed door that will significantly reduce heating and cooling costs.
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Product specifications

  • Maximum Panel Height* :2360mm
  • Maximum Panel Width* :1200mm
  • Maximum Glass Thickness :≤ 20mm
  • SHGC Range :

Testing & Certification

  • Acoustics Tested & Certified
  • AS2047 Performance Tested

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