Are Double-Glazed Windows in Melbourne Worth It

Windows play a larger part in your home than you might think. While providing natural sunlight,  they can also contribute to the thermal performance of your home. Temperature efficiency can be improved by the type of windows you install and the glazing you choose. 


The right choice for windows and glazing can depend on the climate where you live, your personal preference, and the building you live in, and certain design considerations.  


Is it worth it to install double glazed windows in Melbourne? Due to Victoria’s colder climate, double glazed windows can be helpful to reduce heat loss, and minimise energy bills. Read on to learn more about whether double glazing is worth it for you. 


What are double glazed windows? 

Double glazed windows, or windows which use insulated glass units (IGUs) are made using two pieces of glass separated by a metal or polymer spacer with dessiccant to prevent buildup of moisture. This gap is then sealed, acting as a break between the outside and inside pieces of glass. 


Insulated glass units trap air between these two layers to increase insulation and heating and cooling efficiency. This trapped air works as a buffer between the two glass panes, providing an insulation barrier between the warm air on one side and hot air on the other. This vastly improves the thermal efficiency of your home.  


Single glazed vs double glazed windows 


Unlike double glazed windows, single glazed windows are made only using one pane of glass. Glass is a good heat conductor, which means that without the added air gap and second pane, heat can be easily transferred through your windows.  


In comparison to single glazed windows, insulated glass units can reduce the heat loss and gain of your home by up to 30%. Installing double glazed windows in Melbourne can help with maintaining the temperature in your home during the cooler months. 


If you do opt for a single pane window, there are other measures you can choose to reduce heat gain or heat loss, such as a pelmet with curtains and external blinds.  


Double glazed windows: benefits and disadvantages 


Double glazed windows have many benefits, the most pertinent one being that it helps with temperature maintenance in your home. This is useful if you use central heating or cooling systems and want to prevent heat loss or heat gain.  


Apart from thermal efficiency, installing double glazed windows in Melbourne is energy efficiency and sustainable as it reduces the energy use of heating and cooling systems. Insulated glass units also help to reduce outdoor noise and condensation on your windows. 


Once installed, there is little maintenance required, and they will increase the value of your home. Due to the second pane of glass, they will offer your windows more durability. 


In terms of disadvantages, installing double glazed windows in Melbourne may result in unwanted heat during the hotter months. Due to the thermal efficiency of insulated glass units, any heat that enters your house is easily captured.  


Applying a Low-E coating on your insulated glass units or using window films can help to reduce this heat transfer, but is an added cost. 


Installing double glazed windows in Melbourne will have a higher initial cost than single pane windows. Over time, you may find yourself saving through reduced energy bills, but it is important to note that it is a more expensive option.  


How are double glazed windows installed? 


It is best to install double glazed windows in Melbourne while during your building or rennovation process, as removing and installing windows is a tricky job and can involve redecorating, refitting your blinds and curtains, and re-plastering.  


This is definitely not a DIY job, so it is important that you contact a professional if you are thinking of installing double glazed windows in Melbourne. 


Secondary glazing for existing windows 

If you are not rennovating or building your home, there is the option of applying a secondary glazing for existing windows. You can retrofit a secondary pane of glass into your existing window frame, or attach it with magnetic strips. 


While it may not be as efficient as installing an insulated glass unit, depending on the product you choose, it can create the same effect. It is also a more cost-effective option. 


What design considerations are there for double glazed windows? 


There are a few design options to consider when installing double glazed windows in Melbourne.  


If noise control is important to you, you can better control this by using thicker panes of glass and sealing gaps around your windows. This can reduce noise transmission such as dogs barking or voices outside your home. A larger air gap will work better for noise control, but can this can offset the isulation provided by your double glazed windows. 


Laminated and Low-E glazing can help to reduce sunlight exposure into your home, which is important if you are worried about furniture and floors fading over time. This is an added cost, but it is worth it to not only prevent fading, but prevent heat transfer. 


Install double glazed windows in Melbourne 


If you’re still unsure if installing double glazed windows in Melbourne is the right choice, you can always speak to an expert to learn more about the process, cost, and options you have available. At Regency Windows, we offer a complete in-home installation, guiding you through the process from quote to clean-up. 


Regency Windows prides ourselves in excellent customer service, so contact us now to speak to a helpful advisor. 


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