Truth™ Awning/Casement Window 150mm

Architectural Series - Truth™ Awning/Casement Window | Series 668

This high performance awning and casement window has been designed to accept Truth™ hardware. This allows us to offer very large casements and awnings fitted with scissor type winders with jamb to stile latches that secure the sashes in the closed position.

Features & Benefits

  • The extra strong sashes allow large sash windows to be fabricated for high wind load areas.
  • Two sash designs cover awnings and casements.
  • Series 668 accepts optional flyscreens.
  • The Truth™ hardware can resist high negative wind loads with the use of winders and side latches.
  • Hardware comes in standard E-GARD™ or for extreme locations we also offer 304 stainless steel stays, winder arms, tie rods and keepers.
  • Casement sashes open to 90° and have an opening gap of approximately 80mm on the hinge side, this allows cleaning of external glass face from inside the building.
  • Fixed lowlights/sidelights are designed around Series 606 single glazed and 626 double glazed FrontGLAZE™.
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Product specifications

  • Maximum Panel Height* :Various
  • Maximum Panel Width* :Various
  • Maximum Glass Thickness :≤ 24mm
  • SHGC Range :

Testing & Certification

  • AS2047 Performance Tested
  • SAfe4Kids testing certified

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