Architectural Windows: Everything You Need to Know

Starting a new build means a lot of decisions. You’re looking for versatility, flexibility and a unified aesthetic to tie it all together. Trying to balance environmental needs, structural constraints and design choices can be tricky. Fortunately, technological advances mean high-quality doors and windows are an area you don’t have to worry about.

Whether you’re renovating your home or designing a commercial building, here are a couple of areas where it’s worth investing in quality.

Contemporary Design for Home or Office

Contemporary design is all about sleek, minimalist finishing and lots of open, light-filled space. Homes and offices are both increasingly going open-plan, incorporating large windows and glass doors.

Paradoxically, the more minimal your finishings are, the more they stand out. Mixing and matching in a rustic farmhouse only adds to its charm; but in a more modern space mismatched frames will look slip-shod and careless.

The Architectural Doors and Windows Series, a new door and window range from Vantage, has been carefully designed to allow a uniform look across doors and windows, with low-profile frames and a modern ‘cubist’ feel.

The current demand for contemporary, open and light-filled spaces can sometimes run up against structural limitations. That’s why we also offer 50mm door framing, which are roughly 40% stronger than standard 46mm bases, and allow the use of thick or oversized glass panels.

We give you the strength and versatility to make the right design choices without compromising on efficiency or aesthetic.

Energy Efficient Design

New buildings across Australia need to adhere to various energy efficiency requirements. These regulations have gradually increased over the past ten years, and sustainable design will only become more important.

Choosing energy efficient windows is the easiest way to reduce your building’s carbon footprint. Glass doors and windows can now be treated with a range of high-tech glazes that cut down on the amount of heat that passes through them, without reducing light.

Investing in high quality materials and opting for double glazing will cut down on heating and cooling costs, and is an important part of keeping any building comfortable all year round.

“Broken” Frames

Any design that includes large windows or glass doors faces the challenge of staying cool in summer and hot in winter, without blowing out the budget with expensive glazing.

But glass is only one part of insulation. Window and door frames also play a huge role in determining how much heat gets through or stays in. What material your frames are made of and how they’re constructed will make a big difference in overall insulation.

A ‘broken’ frame is one that includes a layer of non-heat-conductive material in between in the two outer layers. In the case of the Architectural Series, a polymide layer is sandwiched between aluminium layers to create an extra barrier to heat transference.

As an added bonus, the dual layers of broken frames means the interior and exterior frames can easily be different colours, letting you create a uniform look inside and outside.

Why Not Give Us a Call?

If you’re looking for high-performance doors and windows, you can contact our friendly team at Regency Windows to find out more about the Architectural Series.

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