Winter Checklist for Doors and Windows

As either a residential or commercial property owner, you may have noticed that winter can bring new and different maintenance challenges. Those niggly little jobs that you haven’t given much thought to in the past year, are the jobs that may cause issues for you in the colder winter months.

We’ve created a winter checklist to ensure that your windows and doors will keep your home or commercial property warm, safe and secure throughout the colder season.

1. Weatherstripping / Weatherproofing

Weatherstripping your windows and doors seals off any openings in your windows and doors to protect the inside from the elements – be it rain, wind or snow. This can reduce heating costs by up to 20%, saving you money on those expensive winter heating bills! But keep in mind, even the best weatherstripping or weatherproofing measure may have little impact if your windows and doors are too old.

2. Replace Outdated Windows & Doors

Old, outdated windows are the main culprit of heat loss during winter time, and the worst offenders are the single-glazed variety. An average home can lose up to 25% of its heating and cooling energy through windows that aren’t manufactured to Australian standards. If your home or commercial property has windows and doors that are more than 10 years old, replacing them could help to put an end to your excessive heating bills this winter.

Consider aluminium awning and casement windows. These have one fixed point, offer superior security and protection from inclement weather, but are versatile the year-round.

3. Change Your Curtains

Changing your light summer curtains for heavier drapery will act as a further barrier between your property and the weather outside. Better window coverings can help to keep your heated spaces warm, and the bitter cold outside, where it belongs!

4. Maintain Your Hardware

Window and door hardware such as locks and handles are some of the most important features of a window. You should maintain them to ensure your windows perform as they should, especially during winter. Dust and debris, like sand, dirt and leaves can get caught in your hardware and jeopardise the seals and operation of your windows and doors. Keep an eye on these and if you notice rust, look into a replacement.

5. Choose the Right Windows and Doors

If you’re considering a new build, carefully selecting your windows and doors can pay dividends further down the line, by saving you on your energy costs. Considering the performance of your windows and doors, and installing the best option to suit your specific space will help you to keep your property well insulated throughout the year. Discover more here about how you can make sure you’ve selected the right windows and doors for your residential or commercial property.

To learn how to best protect and prepare your home for colder weather, visit our website to explore our full range of aluminium windows and doors. Regency Windows has proven expertise and experience and is also an AWA Platinum Member.

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